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World Homelessness Day - Savannah - 10-10-10

We have organized our events for Savannah's celebration of World Homelessness Day on Oct. 10, 2010.

The event will be a screening of the movie, "Lord Save Us From Your Followers", at the Sentient Bean, in Savannah,GA (13 E Park Ave) at 8pm on Sunday, 10-10-10.

The name of this movie has raised some eyebrows when we've told people about it, so we wrote a post over on our main blog about

Why do Christians have a problem with this name for a movie, book & documentary? “Lord Save Us From Your Followers” so check it out if the name worries you & you think this might be an anti-Christian movie!

We also promoted the event at Pinknic in the Park, Savannah's annual social picnic on 10-3-10 where there were estimated to be 20,000 people in attendance, the theme being Breast Cancer Awareness (the whole month of October is for this effort) where we made a statement that these folks at the Pinknic should "Be a Breast Check Buddy for the Homeless"! Pictures are posted on our Facebook album, Pinknic in the Park - Forsyth Park - 10-3-10 - check it out please!

Let us know what you think about the movie after you've watched the reviews we posted in the article above!

If your organization, charity, business entity or you yourself as an individual wants to be engaged in supporting the promotional effort, take part in the operations that day or just want to donate something to keep these efforts going please contact us based on the contact information to the right of this page.

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We are in process of formalizing our entity status, incorporating as a Non-profit in the State of Georgia & then going through the IRS filing procedure for becoming a 501(c)(3). All donations are retroactively tax deductible.

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