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Thanks for considering a donation to our cause - advocating, educating & collaborating about issues of homelessness in Savannah, GA & promoting ending homelessness in Savannah, GA & beyond.

We have recently added a What We Do page for you to be able to see 
the efforts we undertake to serve the homeless & the community. 
This provides the basis for soliciting donations from the public in support of our work!

We seek to raise a base of $1000 per month for basic necessities to sustain this advocacy & 
all of the work we do as described on the What We Do page!

We are currently organizing & filing for non-profit status in the State of Georgia. We will also be filing with the IRS for a 501(c)(3) status soon so that we will be able to accept tax deductible donations.

We will update our status here & when we have received the notification of filing from the IRS we will post that information here. We have not filed or taken steps to file at this point.
Note: Since we are not yet a non-profit, but are accepting donations, our organization's literature must state this fact. Once our organization receives its determination letter from the IRS, donations made one year prior to its receipt are considered tax deductible.

Donations are accepted through Google Checkout (Wallet) or Paypal, 
subscriptins (regularly recurring donations) are accepted through PayPal.

Basic one time donation 
through PayPal for Basic Monthly Operating Expenses:

Monthly or Weekly Subscriptions through PayPal:

Under Development - application process underway

Subscription Options

Please consider an interim donation using your Google Checkout (Wallet) account "Donations Store" included below for your convenience.

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