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Sunday, December 26, 2010

FOX28 Story on Christmas Dinner @ Union Mission, Donated by Gulfstream, Served by Great Volunteers

The Coastal Source did a great story with super interviews by Nick Paradise!

Watch here & let us know what you think! The whole day was great, we'll update this post with a link back to our content blog with our own perspectives on this day of outreach by all the volunteers!

You see, the volunteers didn't want to talk on camera about themselves, but we know the scoop & a few shareable moments we observed ourselves coming soon!

Monday, December 20, 2010

A Homeless Memorial Day Gift - Winter Solstice & Eclipse Video from Yahoo Video!

Our gift to you as we begin to think about Homeless Memorial Day tomorrow - this event happens after midnight tonight 12/20/10 - so it's happening early morning on Tuesday, 12/21/10!

Enjoy this video courtesy of Yahoo! But please think about al the homeless who won't have a chance to see the video - they'll be seeing the real thing - hope they are all safe out there in the cold experiencing the Eclipse - pray that they remain safe throughout this time of hardship in their lives...

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sharing our story of homelessness with Talking Real (Saralyn U Argrow)

We were pleased to be able to sshare our story of homelessness with Saralyn Argrow who has been running a non-profit AWWIN for over 10 years here in Savannah!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Richard Troxell: Looking Up At The Bottom Line

This interview should be especially interesting to our followers!

It's an interview with an author, advocate & overall champion of the homeless.

After listening to his interview please check out his website, House the Homeless!

He has some very interesting perspectives on wages & pay for the homeless, challenging the recent Housing First initiatives of the Obama administration as well!

From the Wayne Hurlbert BlogTalkRadio site, about this show:

Homelessness advocate and Founder and Director of Legal Aid for the Homeless, and President and Founder of House the Homeless Inc, Richard Troxell shares his concept of a Universal Living Wage. Using what he describes as a "continuum of flexibility" for each community,the goal is to ensure that every person can afford a reasonable apartment in the city. Richard Troxell has worked both with and against city councils, and the result has been that cooperation has been the most effective technique for everyone. Richard believes that the minimum wage is too low to rent a one bedroom apartment. His research points to the Universal Living Wage as a solution to homelessness while also providing additional benefits to the economy. The proposal doesn't cost taxpayers any money, and recognizes states rights and individuals. Richard describes many of the current approaches to homelessness as both counter-productive and expensive for taxpayers. All proceeds from the book go toward ending economic homelessness.

Listen to internet radio with Wayne Hurlbert on Blog Talk Radio

This show also talks about Richard's book, which we have made available in our Amazon shop available on the right of this page!

The Rotating Shelter -- A Homeless Services Faith Based Model That Works (VIDEO)

Mark takes a candid, challengin­g look at the role of faith-base­d organizati­ons in ending homelessne­ss. It's fine to feed the hungry but look at how to raise them up out of their homelessne­ss not just give them some structure that goes away if their relationsh­ip with the church ends.

This model is evidently working well (the one Mark has visited twice) & they've been around a long time so something must be working!

As Mark says, feeding the hungry in a park is good for the souls but there is more to their needs than that so partner up with others & look at the whole problem - I'm part of several ministries & I do see the value of a community of volunteers who connect on a repeatable basis & build trusted, committed relationsh­ips but we must look to be stakeholde­rs in their healing & that healing is to get a job, housing, a new skill & some relationsh­ips built on love if we are to make a difference­!

Take Mark's challenge on - it won't hurt to take another view & see if there are new partnershi­ps & collaborat­ions that can make a difference in what we are doing to meet the needs of the homeless!
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