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Monday, October 31, 2011

A Father asks his son...

From a Facebook friend - 38 year old - dad must be between 60-68 or so...
  • My Dad said that he thinks that like 90 percent of homeless people had a problem with drinking or drugs. True?


Thanks for the question xxxxx,

Not sure what the % is but yes, that's a major one - also mental health issues along with the drinking or drugs, off their meds. 

But the demographics have changed dramatically since 2008 when the housing market crashed & all that's followed on...

Not the usual suspects - why they're doing drugs & drinking is the issue - addictions usually have an underlying cause of abuse, low self esteem or bad parenting - but it's really how an individual copes with those issues too.

That's why we're heavy on the Love thing as we have found that when Love & non-judgmental attitudes are shown the confidence to address the underlying issue & deal with what got them homeless comes & the healing starts!

Hope that helps, sorry for the long winded answer!

It's all in identifying with the person that healing can start.

I would suggest if you feel like it sharing the site http://invisiblepeople.tv/ with your Dad might let him hear some of the stories - that's where the connection to the reasons occurs, when you hear real people telling their stories.

Have you seen our story anywhere?

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Jesus Never Asked if the Poor Were Deserving

Something for all of us to ponder! You know it's true - we must have discernmen­t in our giving but not in our loving! We serve the needy & the greedy & the Lord takes care of the rest! Right? How do you decide to share your blessings? Are there still some criteria that should be used to make those decisions? How does He speak to you when you're deciding?
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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

KWAVs: Blessing Bags How To


Wonderful support approach - everybody who sees homeless people on the street remember how easy it would be to hand them one of these! Also there is a group in AK (fb: http://www.facebook.com/3Bagsin2Days) website (http://3bagsin2days.org/) that does some great work too!