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Thursday, March 17, 2011

An HIS Interest: Savannah's Global Service Design Project (Cape-abilities) | Planet Jam

Check out "Cape-abilities", see if you're Caped or want to be!

This service design is all about creating "Super (Hero) Cities" all over the globe!


The above is link to the Savannah Jam deliverable!

Click on this short link http://db.tt/Z8Qzw9f to view the pdf of the doc we submitted yesterday afternoon.

Here is the link for all the other projects from all over the world!


Feel free to Rate or comment on our submission!

Description: Have you been Caped? The Global Service Jam Savannah team created a metric-driven campaign to engage everyday individuals and communities in the development of multiple activities and service experiences for positive change across cityscapes. Individuals will be encouraged to become superheroes through campaign touchpoints, and cities will compete for the award designation of "super cities."

So figure out how to get this rolling in YOUR City or Community.

Stay tuned, Savannah just might be doing this soon! After all we created the Service Design in just 48 hours with a great group of compassionate Service Designers who let a few newbies contribute just a little bit.

Savannah has the Heart & Love to make this happen. There is already a lot of service (volunteers) & Love being shown here.

Our Advocacy (the parent for this Vox Patria effort) is pleased to see this engagement with the Technology community & looks forward to helping to bring this GSJ Savannah project to reality in our Community.

Connect with our Advocacy here:

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