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About - Welcome!

This blog is here as a cross-promotion blog for the main site @ http://homelessnessinsavannah.wordpress.com - we are using this site to promote our content in the Blogspot world.

It is also our hope to use this site to monitize our content thru the Google AdSense & AdWords platforms as we are an aspiring non-profit (details provided on the Donations Page), advocating, educating & collaborating about the issues surrounding homelessness & promoting ending homelessness in Savannah, GA & beyond.

We have recently added a What We Do page for you to be able to see 
the efforts we undertake to serve the homeless & the community. 
This provides the basis for soliciting donations from the public in support of our work!

Thanks for stopping by!

Please go to the Blog page to see the summaries of our posts on the Wordpress home blog - clicking on them will allow you to read them there & to promote the posts thru Twitter & Facebook as well. Our Social Media channels are accessible there & will be enabled here as well!