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Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Angels in Forsyth Park, 4/24/11 - WSAV comes out to the event!

WSAV came out to Forsyth Park Easter Sunday afternoon in response to their Twitter invitation to the event!

Raw link: http://twitter.com/#!/homelessinSavh/status/62154591722156032

Meredith Ley did her usual great job getting a story together with multiple interviews & quotes capturing the essence of the meaning of the events that were going on this special day!

We thank her immensely with one of our biggest #twitterhugs too!

Read on & watch the video that tells the story so well of ministering the the homeless through showing Love.

See the whole story about Easter Angels in Forsyth Park over on WSAV.com or watch it here:

Come out & support ministries to the homeless wherever they may be held in our community!

You're always welcome to come show your Love, be of service as the Lord would have us be.