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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Rotating Shelter -- A Homeless Services Faith Based Model That Works (VIDEO)

Mark takes a candid, challengin­g look at the role of faith-base­d organizati­ons in ending homelessne­ss. It's fine to feed the hungry but look at how to raise them up out of their homelessne­ss not just give them some structure that goes away if their relationsh­ip with the church ends.

This model is evidently working well (the one Mark has visited twice) & they've been around a long time so something must be working!

As Mark says, feeding the hungry in a park is good for the souls but there is more to their needs than that so partner up with others & look at the whole problem - I'm part of several ministries & I do see the value of a community of volunteers who connect on a repeatable basis & build trusted, committed relationsh­ips but we must look to be stakeholde­rs in their healing & that healing is to get a job, housing, a new skill & some relationsh­ips built on love if we are to make a difference­!

Take Mark's challenge on - it won't hurt to take another view & see if there are new partnershi­ps & collaborat­ions that can make a difference in what we are doing to meet the needs of the homeless!
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