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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

An example of how to help a homeless person get a job [Updated]: Homeless man w/golden radio voice in Columbus, OH (Updated-2)

Take a look at an effort to help this homeless man in Ohio get a job based on his voice talent!

Consider also the fact that this guy was seen as a panhandler initially by the reporter! We’ve been involved in several other “discussions” about panhandling around the internet & on comment threads on the SMN site for other articles they published (those threads went way awry from the content on the post) but most comments were on the negative side of panhandling.

This poses a “refreshing” view of the issue of panhandling – even if homeless people show up at various places, as Robin with GMA (ABCNEWS program) says, (paraphrased) that all homeless people have a story & we need to listen to them, engage with them where possible, to support their goals to end their homelessness, maybe even finding in them something that they don't even know how to get value from in their own myopic, in the moment, presence doing the things that help them survive in their condition.

So, as this post is attempting to point out, we have an obligation to find ways, creative ways at times, to help homeless people realize their potential! One at a time! Although sounding insurmountable, we as believers, concerned citizens or just as an obligation of being in the world, must use our own God-given talents to help where we can!

We encourage you to be inspired by these stories about Ted Williams! This could be you some day or somebody you know & love in this situation called homelessness.

Check the YouTube site for comments & recent updates on the status of efforts to help out - rumor has it that he will be on air on 1/5/11 & he will be offered a position on air at that time!

See what can happen when we reach out help someone who just needs that one chance to show their talents, in this case likely raising him up out of his homelessness!

Original taken down by copyright dispute by The Dispatch:

Watch it here:


He was offered a dream job today with the Cleveland Cavaliers & a free house! Check out the details on the NY Post article from today.

There's a story of alcohol & drug addiction recovery here too - so take note, recovery works & when people are honest they are rewarded for their recovery!

Here's his interview today (1/5/11) with CBS News Morning Show:

Full coverage on tonight's CBS NEWS coverage of the reunion with his Mother is here! All the segments of the story on on their webpage & are worth looking at!

Watch their reunion video here:

And on ABC NEWS GMA they had some great comments about his story & situation. Note specifically Robin's comments at the end of the piece about every homeless person having a story, there's a reason they are there & we need to take the time to listen to them! Others on the set commented on his sincerity. Watch here:

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