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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Why You Should Support Regulating the Public Feeding of Homeless People

This seems to do justice to the fact that more than just feeding needs to be done – the other SkidRow Clergy article that Mark references is a great resource too & thanks for connecting it this one?

And the regulating public feeding seems to be for the benefit of the health of the homeless too – other reasons Chris cites for needing approval are recognized but maybe a balance needs to be sought?

The overriding concern to me is that the faith community needs to come together in communities to recognize & contribute to the other work that needs to be done to house & serve the health & other needs of the homeless too.

BTW, we support a Housing First model that wraps the very important services around that housing – we tend to like the 100khomes.org model as it does seem to provide the tools a community can use to create the services themselves with consensus from all who come to the table to be part of the solution!

I come from it as enabling people to remain homeless by allowing them to remain comfortable homeless has to be balanced with the provision of basic needs as well.

So coming together for solutions is better than focusing on restrictions on feeding just for the sake of criminalizing homelessness, which is NOT where Mark comes from!
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