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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Homeless People Speak Out on What They Want From Politicians (VIDEO)

Here's our attempt to communicate with Paul Ryan today after he sent out a fund-raising email, but with a "fake" email address for the reply!

Making a simple request to step outside the Convention Center & see all the homeless in Tampa! This post also addresses the criminalizing of homelessness that's happening in Florida!

We have a solution under development & it's going to be talked about on this website, so follow the page, the blog & also on twitter, links on the website!


The article on Tampa's Homeless is here:




We also tweeted out this story to the candidates!

Housing First Savh ‏@Housing1stSavh

To @PaulRyanVP & @MittRomney cc: @BarackObama Got a fund-raising email from you Paul, tried to reply, couldn't... ==>

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