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Monday, October 31, 2011

A Father asks his son...

From a Facebook friend - 38 year old - dad must be between 60-68 or so...
  • My Dad said that he thinks that like 90 percent of homeless people had a problem with drinking or drugs. True?


Thanks for the question xxxxx,

Not sure what the % is but yes, that's a major one - also mental health issues along with the drinking or drugs, off their meds. 

But the demographics have changed dramatically since 2008 when the housing market crashed & all that's followed on...

Not the usual suspects - why they're doing drugs & drinking is the issue - addictions usually have an underlying cause of abuse, low self esteem or bad parenting - but it's really how an individual copes with those issues too.

That's why we're heavy on the Love thing as we have found that when Love & non-judgmental attitudes are shown the confidence to address the underlying issue & deal with what got them homeless comes & the healing starts!

Hope that helps, sorry for the long winded answer!

It's all in identifying with the person that healing can start.

I would suggest if you feel like it sharing the site http://invisiblepeople.tv/ with your Dad might let him hear some of the stories - that's where the connection to the reasons occurs, when you hear real people telling their stories.

Have you seen our story anywhere?

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