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Monday, December 19, 2011

How do we get addiction recovery to stick: Secret Santa inspires heroin addict to clean up

Just finished fixing my breakfast & the timing was perfect! Why was it perfect? Because the Lord wanted me to see this story!

It speaks volumes about how we as everyday citizens can make a difference in the addicted society we have become!

The story has made the case once again for how addictions CAN be broken! It is not about giving people all the detox they need, although that issue of availability is still front & center!

It's about how you make it stick for those who have been through "recovery" so many times before but still have that missing piece in their lives to give them the strength to keep it up this time!

You see this story, the fact that it was covered on a CBS Sunday Morning show, is indicative of the fact that we have to get the message out there! The "Higher Power" in the recovery process MUST be brought into all facets of the process!

Showing the "Love" that the Secret Santa shows in this piece is even in his words "worth it". The answer to the question is obvious once you watch the video!

So watch it here, then share your thoughts on the comments below here!

Then go out & find those "street ministries" who bring this "Love" to addicted folks all the time & support them!

But more importantly realize that we can make a difference in people's lives by the Love that we show. If we are there at the right time to show that Love then the results are in His hands. 

It's about consistency & being in people's lives or supporting those who are in their lives for that moment in the story to happen in somebody's life.

AMEN & keep the Love flowing!

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